I’m sure Seb Lambang needs no introduction and most serious competition shooters will already be familiar with his range of products.

Seb is an inventor, an innovator and a talented machinist who is always looking to improve his products to the benefit of shooters and, being a keen F Class and Benchrest shooter himself, you can be sure his products work and are competition-ready.

Mini – X

Seb’s NEO front benchrest (or F Class) pedestal was a hit right from the start. It’s probably the most popular F Class Open front rest. I use one for long-range Benchrest and it’s the ‘dogs’ – you won’t find a better product.

However, if the NEO has any issues it can only be down to the weight – heavier the better when you are shooting off it but, when it comes to lugging it around the range………… So, Seb listened and gave us the Mini.

The Mini pretty well halved the weight of the NEO but (yes, there’s always a ‘but’) the Mini was lacking in one or two areas.  The feet didn’t sit well if the rest was raised too much and the bag and top were no match for the NEO. When there is a demand the innovators will strive to satisfy that demand and various aftermarket accessories were soon on the market.

Now Seb has responded and the latest generation of the Mini comes with those ‘knuckle’ feet which keep the points vertical and a NEO-like top complete with new bags and the new NEO fore-end stop. It’s a beauty but of course the price has increased. It’s still lighter than the NEO but price-wise there’s not a lot in it.  But, Seb has done exactly what we asked – give us a NEO but without the weight.

Seb Bags

Seb has also improved his range of back bags.  Serious F Class and Benchrest shooters know that there is no substitute for the Edgewood bags.  Their design is driven by American shooters and the supple leather and Cordura and workmanship is second to none. Having said that, even Edgewood are facing competition – from the superb Italian Lenzi bags. Well, Seb has had another look at the competition and come out with a completely new range. As always, they are competitively priced and if you are in the market for a new bag you need to have a look.


What about the Joypod – the FTR shooter’s choice?  Again, Seb has responded and the latest Joypods now come with the swivel ‘ski’ type feet which seem to be the preferred option. These are available separately as an upgrade for existing Joypod users.

Fox Firearms are the UK importers