OK, I know, Chinese products are not exactly ‘flavor of the month’ at the moment and many of you, like me, have been avoiding Chinese products wherever possible.

Example – I needed some new belts for my belt-sander. Plenty on Ebay but Chinese. Eventually I found a supplier in Germany – OK a little more expensive and they took a month to arrive but at least I was avoiding Chinese products – until I opened the package – yep – made in China!

Also, if you want an iPhone, laptop or what have you, then sorry but you just bought Chinese!  So let’s not get too ‘holier than thou’.

A couple of months ago, we reviewed the Chinese Teslong borescope – and Chinese or not, it is an excellent product and there is no non-Chinese alternative – at anything like the price.  At around £50, it’s close to the quality of the professional standard Hawkeye borescope and far superior to the Lyman offering.

The original Teslong would work with many android tablets and phones but unfortunately the plug was not compatible with the iPhone or iPad – one of the most popular ‘viewing platforms’.  But now, Teslong have upped the game and sent us their wi-fi version!  Unlike the original borescope, it doesn’t need to plug into your device – it will work via wifi with almost anything that you can download the Mo-View app on to.  So, visit the Apple app store and seek out the ‘free to use’ Mo-view app and you’re ready to go.

The new wifi version comes in a neat zip-up carry case and the quality of the image is nothing short of breathtaking!  Take a look at the pictures I took – and these photographs are simply snaps taken off my iPad.  

The tiny angled-mirror unit will easily fit a 22 barrel.

If you wish, the Mo-view app offers you the chance to take a freeze-frame pic direct to your iPad or WHY or even a video as the Teslong moves along your barrel.

Another advantage of the Teslong is the sheer length of the probe – twice as long as the Hawkeye at – 36 inches (915mm) so it will scope any barrel of 28 inches or less at one insertion.

OK – I’m not going to attempt to convince you that you need a borescope – every serious shooter already knows that.  These photos of a 6mmBR barrel quite frankly shocked the owner – fire-cracking is starting to appear – after a scant 800 rounds!  Yes, he will continue shooting it for a little while longer but if performance deteriorates, then he knows why.  No point wasting ammunition, entry fees and travelling expenses competing with a burnt-out barrel!

This is the very start of the rifling immediately forward of the chamber. Some significant firecracking here

We ordered a batch of the original Teslong borescopes ready for the Northern Shooting Show back in May but of course it got cancelled.  Nonetheless, those 30 borescopes were eagerly snapped up at our give-away price of £50 following our Target Shooter write-up. Yes, the new wi-fi version is more expensive at £95 but honestly, the quality will surprise you and it will work with anything that will download the Mo-View app.

The lithium battery is charged via a USB/iPhone type cable (supplied) A charge gives about 3 hours use

Not surprisingly, stuff from China is rather slow in arriving at the moment and we only have a handful so, if you are contemplating one, get in touch ASAP. STOP PRESS – we have just received our order from China.  E-mail