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Vince is one of the founders of Target Shooter magazine and, in addition to his role as editor, he is an accomplished gunsmith and benchrest shooter, having represented his country at World & European level as part of the GB Team on many occasions.

Single-shot Magazine Followers from Dolphin

Few target rifle competitions call for a detachable magazine but a lot of shooters like a tactical-style rifle with a detachable mag. system.  Mags can be useful in certain competitions – like the McQueen or tactical shoots but personally, if I don’t have to use a mag. I won’t – I’ve seen too many miss-feeds ruin too many shoots!

My latest tactical rifle, a BAT VR action in a McMillan A5 stock, features Third Eye Tactical bottom-metal and utilizes the excellent AI magazine system but, I still single-feed when I can.

To give me a 100% reliable single-feed option  – just chuck ‘em in and close the bolt – I spent a pleasant hour on the milling machine whittling a block of nylon into the rough shape of an AI magazine, so imagine my face when I saw this beautifully machined block of aluminium sitting at the side of someone’s rifle!

AI Style Single shot magazine followers from Dolphin Gun Company
AI Style Single shot magazine followers from Dolphin Gun Company

What a brilliant idea and surely a ‘must have’ for anyone using the AI magazine system.  It comes in short and long versions priced at £47 and £50 respectively.  Contact TS advertiser Dolphin Gun Company   Their site is well worth a visit and, in addition to gun-builds, they have some very useful accessories for target shooters.