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UKPSA News January 2014

New Members Deal

The UKPSA start 2014 with a special offer to all new members.  You can now join the Association for just £10. To learn about the many benefits of being part of the UKPSA and to find out how to join, visit the web site.


UKPSA Shotgun Postal Leagues – 2013 results

The UKPSA has run open shotgun postal leagues for both birdshot and slug for three years now.  The results for 2013 were finalised after Round 4 was completed in November.  The UKPSA Birdshot Postal League goes from strength to strength with more clubs participating, and reached as far as Italy, where shooters have taken on the challenge.  Over 145 shooters shot the League during 2013.  The League comprised of 16 stages and required a minimum of 163 rounds to complete.  The winners of the various divisions were:

  • Open – Adam Rowsell
  • Modified – Rupert Stanley
  • Standard Manual – Franco Minghella
  • Standard – Sandrow Del Monaco

For the first time, team prizes are awarded for the Birdshot Postal League.  The top Standard team was Carlisle Small Arms Club, with the Isle of Weight Pump Action team winning Standard Manual.

The Slug Postal League was made up 13 stages and required 100 rounds to complete.  The 2013 winners were:

  • Modified – Liam Greenwood (junior)
  • Standard Manual – Luigi Silvestroni
  • Standard – Vanessa Duffy

‘UKPSA 100’ Winter Postal League

The Winter Postal League for LBF, the ‘UKPSA 100’, is building upon the success of the summer UKPSA postal leagues.  January is the last month in which to shoot this competition. Based on standard courses of fire, it is ideal for club shooting during these cold winter months.  To download the course of fire and score sheets go to


UKPSA Shotgun Champions for 2013

The UKPSA is charged by IPSC to run matches which result in producing national champions.  In December’s Target Shooter edition we announced our Long Barrelled Firearm Champions.  With the conclusion of the shotgun match season, the last match being the British Open Championships held at Dartford, the scores were calculated from four L3 IPSC matches.  A total of 48 stages were contested to produce the UKPSA National Shotgun Champions.

Super Senior Les Bailey shooting the British Open
Super Senior Les Bailey shooting the British Open

Congratulations to our Champions who will be picking up their trophies at the UKPSA AGM later this month.

  • Modified – James Harris.
  • Modified Senior – Les Bailey
  • Open – Nicholas Hockley
  • Standard Manual – Brad Fox
  • Standard Manual Senior – Ken Trail
  • Standard – Dan Boswell
  • Standard Senior – Mike Siva Jothy
  • Standard Lady – Vanessa Duffy
  • Standard Junior – Josh Kenny
Ken Trail on his way to becoming UKPSA Senior Standard Manual Champion 2013
Ken Trail on his way to becoming UKPSA Senior Standard Manual Champion 2013


UKPSA Open Leagues – New for 2014

Over the years, clubs affiliated to the UKPSA have run a number of open matches.  This allowed practical shooters to enjoy IPSC shooting across the various disciplines.  After the success of the Northern Shotgun League over the past two years, the UKPSA are expanding this idea and by bringing together a number of club matches they are promoting ‘Open Leagues ‘ for 2014.

The double stack rig has become very popular during 2013, leading to some faster loading of shotguns
The double stack rig has become very popular during 2013, leading to some faster loading of shotguns

The Leagues will encompass Shotgun, LBF, Rifle and Action Air.  Although there are still a few match dates to be confirmed, there are currently over 24 matches in the calendar.  This is in addition to the L2 and L3 matches which are restricted to UKPSA members.  The UKPSA Open League matches are run by clubs to IPSC rules and are open to all shooters, whether UKPSA members or not.  At the end of the year, results will be calculated and league winners will be announced.

The UKPSA invite shooters to come along and give practical shooting a try, especially if the matches are local to you.  All the matches are classed as L1 which means you do not have to complete a UKPSA safety course, however the club running a match may insist upon this as a local rule.

The first match for LBF will take place at Carlisle Small Arms Club on 12th January.  The inaugural shotgun match will be run by Galloway Small Arms Club at their range in Crocketford on 1st February.  There are regular matches throughout the year and you can find details of all upcoming matches from the UKPSA Current Events page on the web site.

Regular reports from the UKPSA Open League matches will be given in Target Shooter magazine.

Promoting Practical Shooting

The UKPSA continues to promote IPSC shooting to all shooters.  As well as overseeing postal leagues, we promote both Championship and Open League matches.  The UKPSA also provides safety courses and range officer training.  Above all, it ensures that it’s many disciplines of practical shooting is conducted with safety as the number one priority, not forgetting that the sport exists for the enjoyment of participants at a number of different venues across the country.  We welcome inquiries about the UKPSA and practical shooting via the UKPSA hotline 07010 703854 or via