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More Good Stuff From Dolphin

Lock a shooter in a room with a CNC machine and see what happens…………..!   We spotted these two items at the recent GBFCA competition at Diggle Ranges.

Dolphin Products Pic 1

The first one is a joystick front-rest.  Do we need another front-rest?   Well, the SEB NEO does the job very nicely but, at the moment there is certainly a case of demand out-stripping supply.

Also, the Dolphin rest offers a really useful feature not available on the NEO – or the US made Farley joystick rest.  When you use any front-rest, accurate alignment is critical, yet it’s so easy to plonk the rest on the grass, together with your back-bag only to find that when you mount the rifle, it isn’t pointing at your target!  We then shuffle the back-bag until it is pointing at the target but by then, you have skewed the rifle in the front bag.  It then means coming out of the prone position and re-aligning the front-rest, shuffling the back-bag again….. Well, you all know what I’m talking about!

The Mk1 rest from SEB actually allowed you to swivel the top, so overcoming the problem but, in all fairness, it wasn’t easy to do from the prone position.  Unfortunately the NEO rest doesn’t have this feature – but the Dolphin does and, it is easily adjustable from the prone position.  Nice one Dolphin.

The benchrester wants a heavy a front rest as possible but, because the ‘effer has to lug his rest from firing-point to firing-point, the Dolphin – where possible – saves weight by lightening the base-plate.  I’m also a benchrest shooter, so I appreciate the dead-weight of the NEO – but not when I’m carting it around!   All in all, the Dolphin rest looks like a good bit of kit – hopefully we’ll get to try one soon.

Dolphin Products Pic 2

Now this second bit of equipment from Dolphin really is unique.  The thing that stops an F Class rifle working like a benchgun is simply down to set up – you use the same equipment but, an uneven grassy firing-point is no substitute for a concrete bench-top!

Yes, we can spike the front-rest into the grass to create a pretty stable platform but the back-bag – that’s a whole different problem!  Our back-bags are poached directly from benchrest and that means they were designed to work off a concrete bench-top.  An uneven grassy firing-point just won’t do – not for top-level F Class competition shooting which requires benchrest accuracy.

So, just look at this device from Dolphin.  A solid block of aluminium milled out to exactly fit the preferred F Class Edgewood bag.  Furthermore, it incorporates two spirit-levels and four corner holes which take pins, enabling you to spike the base into the grass.  Shooters – this is as close as you are going to get to a concrete bench-top!   Yes, it’s another heavy bit of kit to lug around but I would guess that the Dolphin bag-base and the Dolphin front-rest weight no more than a SEB NEO.

Have a look at the Dolphin website on  They have lots of other useful stuff to spend your money on!

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