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For the New Year, we see Target Shooter magazine take yet another direction.  It’s almost five years since we launched the only internet-based magazine devoted to target shooting.

Initially, we never envisaged that anyone outside the United Kingdom would read the magazine but, four years later, we had a circulation of 10,000 readers from over 100 countries worldwide.

It has been an incredible journey – with two of the three founder members ‘falling by the wayside’ and an unsuccessful venture into the world of apps and the like.

For 2014 we are exploring yet another direction.  We are abandoning the ‘monthly magazine’ format and instead opting for a ‘rolling’ format which will see articles added on a regular basis month by month and, best of all, it will be totally FREE.  Another benefit of publishing Target Shooter this way is that it is now available in over 50 languages simply by clicking the “Translate Now” button on the home page.  Translating Target Shooter in the previous format wasn’t a viable option and given that Target Shooter is read in over 100 countries we thought that making it available in more languages was essential.

Visit our site regularly and there will always be something new for you to read – be it match reports, rifle tests or equipment reviews.  Our existing writers – who we believe are the equal of any in the business – will continue to contribute to Target Shooter and of course we always welcome contributions from any budding writers out there who have something to contribute.


Vince, Yvonne & Stuart