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UKPSA March News – pt 1

The month of March is very busy for practical shooters and so our news is given in two editions.

The coming of March 1st saw two UKPSA events.  The first being the launch of the UKPSA Postal League for Long Barrelled Firearms.  Download the stages and score sheets from  You have a full two months to shoot the four stages of round 1.

On the same day, a L2 IPSC shotgun match was held at Carlisle Small Arms Club.  Being on the border with Scotland the annual match is known as the Hadrian.   In 2013 snow prevented competitors travelling and there had to be a postponement of the match until June.  This year there were concerns that the heavy rain experienced in the preceding weeks may waterlog the ranges but, they dried out just enough to allow the match to safely go ahead.  As a precaution, some of the movement across the ground was cut back.  The match still provided 10 stages of testing but fun stages for those who travelled far and wide to compete.  The top gun in Standard Division was Mark Sienesi representing Tunnel Ranges in Dorset.  Top Senior was Mike Silva Jothy of Thurnscoe.  The winner of Standard Manual was Brian Elliot of Mayfair Club, Northumbria with Ken Trail of Harlow Town taking top senior.

UKPSA News Pic 1 UKPSA News Pic 2Rafik Caprelian and Josie Adam at the Hadrian match, Carlisle

UKPSA Open Leagues

There are a number of L1 Open practical matches taking place up and down the country, which the UKPSA have consolidated into Open Leagues.  There are a number of these matches taking place throughout 2014 and across the practical disciplines.  Eleven IPSC Shotgun, eight Long Barrelled Firearms, four IPSC Rifle and four IPSC Action Air matches.  That totals some 27 matches and does not include the Championship matches and Postal Leagues run by the UKPSA.

The Shotgun and LBF Open leagues are already underway and the first part of March saw the start of both the Rifle and Action Air Leagues.

Round 1 UKPSA Practical Rifle Open League was held at Bisley on Friday 7th March.  Small beginnings, the match consisted of four stages requiring 60 rounds to be shot and all in an afternoon.  IPSC Rifle has five divisions, unfortunately here in the UK we are limited the Manual Action divisions and two were seen at this match.  Manual Action Open and Manual Action Standard10.  Working within the tight muzzle angle restrictions for rifle shooting at Bisley the stages were designed to test a number of shooting skills at 200 yards.  The runaway winner of Open Division was David Payne, with John Gardener winning Manual Action Standard 10.  The League follows on from the UKPSA range days held last year.  It is hoped that the Open League for practical rifle can be extended to other venues around the country.  Currently there are three more matches making up the UKPSA Practical Rifle Open League.

The weekend of 15/16th March saw the launch of the UKPSA Action Air Open League in Burnley.  The host club Northern Practical Pistol Club saw the highest entry to any of their matches with 37 competitors and is a great start to the League.  The Match Director, Mike Cripps, is a seasoned handgun shooter and he brings his expertise to Action Shooting and he was placed second behind Malcolm Dowding in Standard division ,with Fred Meegan winning Open division.  The remaining League matches take place at East Barnet, Coventry and the Isle of Wight.

Part 2 of UKPSA March events include round 2 of the Shotgun Open League at Dartford.  Then round 3 of the LBF Open League will be held at Bedford.  Two shotgun safety courses are also taking place over the last weekend of March,  one in Dumfries the other in Dartford.  To find out more about UKPSA events, matches and courses plus the contact details of the organisers go to

Photos by Rob & Josie Adam