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News from the United Kingdom Benchrest Association

From The Bench January 2014


Our 600 yard benchrest winter series is already at the halfway stage with three shoots completed.

The two December shoots – the first one on the 6th and the second one on the 29th were both well attended despite cold, miserable conditions.  It didn’t seem too windy but switching conditions played havoc with groups if the shooter took too long to get five shots away.

Results – 6th December:

Light Gun

1st        Bruce Lenton              6BR Lawton              3.859in. (av. of four, 5-shot groups)
2nd      Jeanette Whitney     6mm TGP Stiller      3.959
3rd       Steve Dunn                22 BR Stolle             4.15

Small group:   Bruce Lenton             2.324 inches

Heavy Gun:

1st        Martin Miles              6mm RGR                4.607in.
2nd       Mark Ellis                  284 BAT                     4.654
3rd       Simon Drake             284 Barnard             4.904

Small group:             Martin Miles              3.279 inches

Factory Sporter:

1st        Darrel Evans              6.5×47 Acc. Intl         3.841in.
2nd       Toni Young               308 Remington        5.007
3rd       David Leslie               6.5-284 Savage       5.027

Small group:             David Leslie             2.752 inches

Our post Christmas shoot turned into a real battle for the honors in Heavy Gun Class with just 28 thousandths of an inch separating the first three.

Results – 29th December

Light Gun:

1st        Martin Eldershaw    6.5×47 Osprey Stolle           3.77in.
2nd       Tony Lenton              308 Savage                           4.258
3rd       Bruce Lenton             6BR Lawton                          4.270

Small group:             Martin Eldershaw    2.415 inches

Heavy Gun:

1st        Steve Barrett             6XC Grunig                           4.054in.
2nd       Phil Sammons         6.5-284 PRS Stolle             4.078
3rd       Jim Marsden            6.5×47 Dolphin Nesika       4.082

Small group:             Steve Barrett             2.121 inches

Factory Sporter:

1st        Darrel Evans            6.5×47 Acc International     5.645in.
2nd       David Leslie             6.5-284 Savage                   6.687
3rd       Barry Goulding         308 Acc International          6.755

Small group:             Barry Goulding         3.527 inches

UKBRA Championships 1013

Following the prize-giving just before Christmas, I can now list the results of the past season’s three UKBRA Championships.  For our 100 yard Championship, 32 shooters took part.

100 yards Heavy Varmint:

1st        Bruce Lenton
2nd       Gary Stewart
3rd       Vince Bottomley

Small group:                         Graham Francis                  0.065 inches


1st        Andy Woolley
2nd           Darrel Evans
3rd       Stuart Benson

Small group:                         Darrel Evans                                    0.168 inches

We had no less than 60 shooters take part in our 600 yard Championship – a significant increase over previous years, with a growing interest in the Heavy Gun Class.

 600 yards Light Gun:

1st        Ian Dixon
2nd       Bruce Lenton
3rd       Steve Barrett

Small group:                         Ian Dixon                               1.543 inches

Heavy Gun:

1st        Dale Almond
2nd       Bob Nicholson
3rd       Gary Wrighton

Small group:                         Les Prior                               2.172 inches

Factory Sporter:

1st        Darrel Evans
2nd       Sean Broxham
3rd       David Leslie

Small group:                         Chris Gleave                                    1.883 inches

But, 1000 yards continues to be the most popular with 64 shooters taking on the greatest of benchrest shooting challenges.  Again, we have seen an upsurge in interest in the Heavy Gun Class.


1000 yards Light Gun:

1st        Phil Sammons
2nd       Vince Bottomley
3rd       Steve Dunn

Small group:                         Vince Bottomley                   3.991 inches


Heavy Gun

1st        Nick Stirrup
2nd       Steve Barrett
3rd       Martin Miles

Small group:                         Russ Gall                              3.22 inches

Factory Sporter

1st            Alan Seagrave
2nd       Sean Broxham
3rd       Toni Young

Small group:                         Sean Broxham                     5.838 inches

Graham Francis broke a 15 year old UKBRA record with his 0.065 inch group in 2013

Graham Francis broke a 15 year old UKBRA record with his 0.065 inch group in 2013

Accuracy nuts will of course be interested in the smallest groups in each individual class and often these do not tell the full story. Yes, we expect sub four-inch groups at 1000 yards from the custom-built benchguns but look at that sub. six-inch group from Sean Broxham, shot with an absolutely standard out-of-the-box 6.5-284 Savage.  Remember, all groups are five shots.

Even more remarkable for me was the 600 yard Factory Sporter small group – a stunning 1.88 inches shot by Chris Gleave using his 308 Accuracy International – off a bi-pod!  Equally impressive – and again using an Accuracy International – was Darrel Evans’ 0.168 inch group at 100 yards and of course, we had Graham Francis’s 0.065 inch Heavy Varmint group shot at 100 yards which broke a 15 year old UKBRA record.

Many congratulations to all record breakers and medal winners and in fact to everyone who took part in the three UKBRA Championships in 2013.

With our 600 yard 2013/4 Championship already at the halfway stage, we look forward to the start of the new 2014 season with the first shoots taking place in April – the full calendar can be found on the Diggle website at  and the UKBRA website at

If you’ve always had that urge to have a go a benchrest, now’s the time to prepare for the 2014 season.  Don’t be put off by the thought of expensive equipment – just look at what shooters have achieved with standard factory rifles.  E-mail for more info.

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