Here’s a couple of new items I spotted in Fox Firearms the other day.


The first one is a really neat little squashy back bag. It’s small and light enough to keep in your gun bag so it’s always there if you need it. Any PRS or Tactical Rifle shooter will love this.

It’s made from a slippery synthetic fabric and incorporates a strap/handle and a small carabina-style clip. The bag is filled with plastic pellets, making it heavy enough to do the job but not too heavy to carry around. It’s made by GRS so you know it will be a quality item – which retails for just £19.00.


The second item is something which in all honesty I don’t use a lot but, on that odd occasion when you do need a mirage band you gotta have one! In countries with a hot climate, mirage bands are essential but strangely enough I needed one just a few weeks ago – on a bitterly cold but still day at our 600 yard benchrest shoot! The target was going in and out of focus and it was impossible to shoot small groups – without a mirage shield.

I usually make do with a Venetian blind slat but it’s not ideal and this carbon fibre purpose-made band is much wider at three-inches and at 30 inches, it will be long enough for any barrel. Also, being genuine carbon fibre, it looks the absolute ‘dogs’.

Keep it flat in your gun bag or even roll it up as in the photo above. It fixes to your barrel with the sticky Velcro pads which are supplied and of course, you can use it with different rifles. At £25 it might seem a little expensive but I’ve not seen a carbon fibre one cheaper and, you’ll never need to buy another!

Contact Fox Firearms via or call 0161 430 8278.